Updated March 2016

Violin 1

Deborah Fisher**
Emily Cowling
Katherine Elsworth
Marzena Gibb
Jan Lowry
Stella Rotar
Wee Chong Wong

Violin 2

Nancy Webb*
Gina Dawson
Helen Drury
Charlie May
Eileen Munro
Katherine Rummenie
Daniel Sorouri
Jessica Sutherland
Lisa Taylor
Yvette Wylde


Jim Durack*
Ursula De Kretzer
Morwenna Fisher
Elizabeth Lawrence


Alice Melland*
Nicola Campbell
Hugh Hansen
Helen Kilpatrick
Grace Murray
Claire Nicholls


Lauren Crighton*
Nicola Hayden*


Ian Clarke*


Cassie Fletcher*
Hilary Redfearn
Caitlin Steffensen


John Tillman*
Kimberley Anderson


John Redfearn*
Isabelle Miller
Chrissie Reushle
Susan Stevens


Linda Hills*


Malcolm Langerak*
Melissa Campbell


Stephen Smith*
**Concertmaster *Principal

Honorary members: Harp Sharon Matheson Piano Bonnie Green, Maree Kilpatrick Percussion Ian Dixon, Christina Marangelli, Jeremy Gray
Life members: Fae Stephson, Harvey Billing, Jan Lowry

Guest artists: The Toowoomba Concert Orchestra has played with many distinguished guests in concerto performances. Recently these have included Spiros Rantos (violin), Brachi Tilles (piano), Natasha Kalous (oboe) and Maree Kilpatrick (piano). In 2013 the orchestra commissioned emerging Australian composer Michael Bakrncev to compose a humorous work Don't let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen forming the basis of a children's programme presented by Narelle Oliver, author of a book by the same name.

Orchestra Committee: President - Jim Durack, Vice President - Claire Nicholls, Treasurer - Lisa Taylor, Secretary - Jan Lowry, Committee Members - Deborah Fisher, John Redfearn, Stephen Smith