Ongoing orchestra renewal process

Update March 2016

Important discussions in February 2016 involving the full membership of the orchestra have lead to some greater clarity concerning what we are, why we do things and how we do things. The following represents our current "vision".

The TCO will provide for its members a minimum of 3 performance opportunities per year. In some of these TCO will stand alone while in others we may collaborate with other musicians or organizations. Performances will be designed to optimise playing opportunities for all players, engage the wider community and audience in Toowoomba through programming and audience development, and respond to opportunities which promote the orchestra as a group which is community focussed and committed to performance excellence. Programming will generally involve works taken from the “classical” orchestral repertoire from baroque through to contemporary and may include classical arrangements of popular music. As a community orchestra we will maintain our independence and use it to allow us to respond to the wishes firstly of our members and secondly of our community.

For anything beyond such 3 performances per year, the committee will seek the views of all members. Where an additional performance is added to a year’s program then members will be free to opt out of involvement in the additional performance and rehearsals related to it. Any expenses associated with an additional performance will be fully funded by the returns from the additional performance.

In addition to this we now have documented policies concerning our use of "non member players". In the past lack of definition of this has created difficulties for orchestral management and sometimes potentially disruptive differences of opinion within the orchestra. The newly documented policies are aimed at improving this situation and will be fine tuned as we move forwards.

Update March 2015

Last year as outlined below we started a process of thinking about what the orchestra is and where it is going.

This year the members and committee of the orchestra will be using the outcomes from this process to gradually introduce changes to lead us into the future

So far such changes have largely related to procedural matters within the orchestra intended to enhance the effectiveness of our rehearsal times and to democratise some elements of the running of the orchestra.

Future changes may see some modifications to the way in which we interact with the Toowoomba community and our audiences.

Update May 2014

The Toowoomba Concert Orchestra is turning 40!

This year we are thinking about what we have done, what we are doing and what we want to be doing in the future.

As part of this process we will be developing a “Vision Statement” to guide us in coming decades.

We anticipate that this Vision Statement will;

  • Place first and foremost the pursuit of excellence and excitement in music performance
  • Honour the history of our orchestra and the many outstanding musicians that have contributed to it over the years
  • Respond to the musical and social interests and aspirations of our current members
  • Recognise that we are dependent on community support and that we must understand and find our place within the community

This page will be updated as our orchestra renewal progresses. Ultimately it will include a history of our orchestra and a statement of where we are going.

Toowoomba Concert Orchestra